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Sparring Classes

For children who wish to put their skills learned to use in a practical situation in a safe and controlled environment.

Here the children will be encouraged to use their skills in a light contact sparring session to develop their practical use of techniques taught so far. Children will learn to take light hits and further understand the intricacies of point based sparring in Kickboxing.


This can be daunting to some children and we understand the nervousness behind this. This class is not designed for children to be hurt but for them to put their skills to use in a practical situation.

We must stress this is a light session and entirely voluntary but also that occasionally some tears do happen.


All part and parcel of the learning process and keep in mind the instructors have been here before and one or two of them still cry now!

Sparring Class (All levels) – 1815 – 1915 Wednesday and 1100 to 1200 Saturday

Elite Fight Squad

This class is by invite only from the instructors.

They will form the core of the tournament teams and will be selected from all students who wish to be considered. Trials and fight level sparring will be used to identify those with the potential and desire to use the skills taught in a competitive environment.

Belts will not matter for entry to this squad but rather the potential to represent the club competitively within their own weight and age category. The class size will be small to allow for focussed and high intensity training that will elevate levels of fitness and skills to those required of an Elite fighter.

Furthermore, as representatives of Paradigm to a larger audience nationwide there will also be a requirement to hold the Dojo Etiquette to the highest possible standard and set an example to all others within the club.

Fight Club.jpeg

Elite Fight Squad – Friday 1815 – 1915 and Saturday 1200 – 1300

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