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An exciting new offering at Paradigm for those who aren't looking to get serious about a martial art but still want to learn the basics of kickboxing and/or to get fit.

Paradigm offer an ever increasing range of classes:

Adult Kickboxing

A chance for the adults to get involved.


Mainly underpinned by the parents of children who also use the club but is also open everyone.


Experience the delights of the pads and fitness requirements of your children, with older and less flexible muscles!


Jokes aside, Kickboxing remains a fantastic fitness tool and is comparable to CrossFit circuits in the levels of intensity required. A full cardio workout that challenges your advanced motor skills whilst also teaching you how to defend yourself. What’s not to love?


Six week 'Lose a Stone'

This six week course will use a range of circuits and exercises designed to inspire weight loss, inch loss and a general cardiovascular improvement.


Weights and measurements will be taken at the start of each course and monitored throughout to ensure the best possible outcome.


This is more than just a circuit class and will focus on the importance of ‘bums and tums’ toning exercises to get the loss in the right areas. A particular favourite of those seeking a holiday body or trying to lose a few extra pounds in s short space of time.



Ever wondered if you have the cardio to match the military?


This class is designed and focussed on an all round level of fitness and strength required for the fittest of people.


Boot-Camp include a mixture of own body weight strength exercises, specific core strength training and high intensity cardio to maximise anaerobic and aerobic capacity. We might even throw in a Sergeant-Major to give some additional 'vocal' persuasion!


Not for the faint of heart!

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