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Little Ninja's

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The first step on the road to learning the sport. Little Ninjas is a fun and active class that caters for the younger generation.


Centred around play based learning and confidence building, Ninjas sets the children up perfectly for learning the very basics of Kickboxing in a safe and controlled environment.

During the children’s time in this class they will learn the basics of stance, control, punching and kicking along with the art (and it is an art!) of breathing correctly during drills on the pads and movement on the mats.


Whilst this class is generally for 3 – 7 year olds there will be occasions that the Instructors may move a child to the next class early if showing the development or even hold back by 6 months if we feel the confidence needed to make the step up is not yet there. Most importantly it is allowing the children to develop at their own pace and without pressure.

Little Ninja's – 1600 – 1645 Monday to Friday and 0930 - 1015 Saturday

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